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Don’t you know, the most popular payment sytem out there are NOT tobacco friendly, takes to much fees from you and me, and they love held your funds or froze your accounts any time ? 

Here the list safest method sending money globally, and tobacco friendly

Buy Bitcoin with your credit card anywhere is a big Bitcoin exchange that also happens to be running one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools, which by itself speaks volumes about their opsec and experience. They do ask for some personal data for AML and KYC reasons, but they have a solid track record and will sell Bitcoin to credit card holders worldwide. They are most likely your best bet when it comes to buying Bitcoin quickly, however feel free to browse the rest of this page to see if there’s something that suits you better.

Buy Bitcoin with cash anywhere is a Bitcoin marketplace handling millions of dollars worth of transactions each day. It’s the main meeting place for everyone looking to either buy or sell Bitcoin, anywhere in the world.

Their service is very pragmatic and flexible, with a myriad of sellers around the world selling Bitcoin and accepting cash, PayPal, bank transfers, “Faster payments” and international wire transfers. There’s also an escrow system in place that will keep your money safe.

Having said all of this, is probably your best (and cheapest) bet. The downside? It’s by far not the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Buy Bitcoin with your US bank account is a very flexible Bitcoin exchange letting you to send funds to your Kraken account using your bank account, wherever in the world it might be. Their customer support is fast to reply and their user interface is second to none – just sign up, link your bank account, deposit money (takes 2-3 working days) and buy them damn cigarettes 😉

We recommend you check out and as well.

Buy Bitcoin with your UK bank account offers a very straightforward service, selling Bitcoin for instant “Faster Payments” bank transfers, Credit/Debit card, Paym, Barclays Pingit and RBS/Natwest PYC. All these options offer your the possibility to purchase Bitcoin almost instantly.

The only problem with their service is that they don’t offer a Bitcoin wallet functionality so you will have to sign up for a wallet with another service to receive the Bitcoin you purchase. We advise you to use for this purpose.

Here’s a short video tutorial to help you get started with you very first Bitcoin wallet and also provides a helpful buying guide

Buy Bitcoin with your EU bank account is your best bet if you live anywhere in the European Union. They don’t do identity verification if you’re buying less than €100 worth of Bitcoin and their customer support is swift and friendly. The whole buying process is also cheap and instant. Swoosh!

Dutch customers can use as an alternative to Anycoindirect.

You can pay with Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), Debit Cards or Cash. All Credit Card transactions are processed securely on their website and payment generally arrive in few minutes (or up to few hours).

walmart moneygram


If you’re from United States, you can pay online by visiting As shown above, you can made the payment conveniently at your home using normal browser. For other countries, visit and choose your country from the list they provide to see what kind of payment option available.

If the online method is unavailable, you can make Cash payment directly in person by visiting their agents/stores. Their agents are simply appointed well-known companies, retailers or institutions (banks, post offices, stores, supermarket, stand-alone storefront etc.). For example, in United States, MoneyGram is available in every Walmart’s Money Center, simply use the stores finder to locate the nearest to you. While in Australia, MoneyGram is available at 7-Eleven stores using self-serve kiosk.

You can pay with Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), Debit Cards or Cash. All Credit Card transactions are processed securely on their website and payment generally arrive in few minutes (or up to few hours). To pay online using Western Union, simply visit their official site at Sign up online, choose your sending method, enter your receiver and payment information.

western unionwestern union

The alternative is by directly visiting their agent outlet/store. To find the nearest agents near you, visit Agents Location Finder. You can find Western Union’s agent in banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, retailers, stand-alone storefront operations. Simply bring your cash payment to a participating Western Union’s Agent location, and complete the Send Money form. Within minutes, you will receive a notification indicating your payment is completed and receive a MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

TransferWise accept Credit Card, Debit Card, SWIFT, and ACH Debit


Sending money with TransferWise is easy and secure. You can use your Credit/Debit card without any hasle. And, the most important is, low fees.

If you are living as an expat or are running a business relying on freelancers, pay for goods or services or overseas employees, you surely know the struggle of sending money each month and how costly it can become. The many fees that international money transfers can incur and the currency exchange rates can easily diminish your initial budget.

TransferWise support Credit Card/ Debit card, Bank Transfer, SOFORT Banking, and iDeal for most EU Country, UK. Many currency suported. And, there was no restriction in transaction like PayPal or other payment gateway. And, more trusted and confident than Bitcoin.

Sending money with Email Address

Click Here for detailed instruction, sending funds to email address, or TransferWise users.

Your fund will be available in our Bank Account about 2 to 5 workdays. Please be patient, this is the safest method both for you and me. I suggest this method to use, because PayPal will be froze both your and our account if they catch us transaction for Tobacco, because their ToS is pain.

Your order will be shipped after we have cleared funds in our Bank Account. Please input right correct Account Holder, SWIFT Bank Code, and Account Name, or your transfer will be rejected.

Supported Country

Total number of countries supported by TransferWise: 55

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republick
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • The Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • UK
  • USA

Payza for People

Payza is the better way to send money online instantly.
Fund your account by bank or credit card.
Over 190 countries and 21 currencies supported.

Open your FREE Personal account

Payza makes it easier to send and receive money wherever you are.

Payza lets you send and receive money instantly almost anywhere in the world. Over 190 countries and 21 currencies supported, making Payza the only online payment platform you need.

Send your money, not your information. Payza makes sure your personal details are always protected.

*Not recommended
You must follow the instructions from us. 
Here’s how easy it is:
  1. Log in to your account at and select the Send Money tab.
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number, the amount, and transaction type.
  3. Click Change to select PayPal Credit as your payment method if it’s not already set.
  4. Confirm your payment details, and you’re done


Easy as 1-2-3

Sending money with WorldRemit is quick, simple and secure. There are three easy stages:

Select country

Tell us the country you’re sending money to, how you would like the recipient to get their money and how much you want to send. Our fees and guaranteed exchange rates are clearly displayed.

Add recipient details

Choose from a list of people you’ve sent to in the past, or add a new recipient by entering their name, address and other relevant information such as bank account number.

Send money

Decide how you would like to pay for the transfer then confirm the amount. Both you and the recipient will get notifications by SMS/e-mail when the money is sent and received.