Shipping and Delivery


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EMS Post Indonesia

We have three options shipping option, FREE*, Regular and Express. All orders will be shipped using Express Mail Service (EMS) or Registered AirMail provided by Indonesian Post Office, therefore we can only ship during business days (Monday through Friday) excluding weekends and public holidays.

NOTE: Once your payment was cleared, we will immediately process your order, which may take 1-2 business days before dispatch to courier, i.e. if you order on Monday, your order should ship out on Tuesday or Wednesday.
*Free shipping only available to USA

All of our shipments include Tracking with Delivery Confirmation.

Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a notification email containing tracking number and link to the courier website so you can track the delivery process. You will need to provide identification and signature in order to receive the shipment when it is delivered to your shipping address. If you are not available at the time of delivery, they usually will try to deliver it again or leave you a notification of attempted delivery.

Please note, Regular and Free Shipping not have any tracking numbers

It may take 1 – 5 days for the tracking information to appear in the courier website and we have notice in some rare cases, the tracking information may not even update but the package was still delivered.

Customs Duty or Taxes

Over 99% of our shipments will pass through customs without being stopped and therefore our service assumes your item will be categorized for free passage through customs as above. Our estimated delivery times also assume your item is waived through customs without delayed.

Anyone who buys merchandise from outside of their country, automatically becomes an importer. Customs rules are different in every country and changes often, therefore we can only suggest (not guarantee) to ship your order according to the allowance of your country regulation. It is your responsibility to be aware of your own personal circumstances and the customs regulations of the your own country, whether will it effect the categorization of your shipment and consequently whether you will be liable to pay customs duties or local charges.

For example if you want to send 10 cartons in a single shipment, most country’s customs authority may require additional clarification on the nature of the shipment, or it might surpass the allowance in your country. Therefore if you order in bulk, we will be sending 1~3 cartons per shipment in a few days interval to ensure compliance with most country’s customs regulation for duty-free importation.

Some postal area or states, require to collect inbound international parcels at your local Post office. They required your sign and might pay some small ammount inbound handling fees.
Make sure you input correct and active phone number, to get immediate notification from your postal service about your parcels collection.

Parcels may expired if you don’t collect them for 30 days. And automatically returned to Sender. We do not offer any replacements or refunds for this kind of mistakes. All returned parcels belongs to and you dont have ant right to claim it. Every returned parcles always had stamp “return reason” from your local postal office.

Seizure of parcels will be happened if recipient do not comply Customs request to pay Excise duty for tobacco and or any GST. Being good part, and good negoisator is the key on this situation.

  • Rejected by Customs
This kind or rejection, is common when Customs decide to open your gift parcels. And found there was “prohibited items” regarding law and regulation on your state or country to inbound. Customs will give it back to Postal service to returned to Sender without any additional charge. You egible for replacement as long your order not more than 10 Packs. We will process your order after it arrived into our warehouse.
  • Rejected reason : refuse pay Excise Duty and GST (Recipient failure)

Recipient will be notified by Phone or Mail to collect their inbuund parcels at nearest Post Office or Customs Office after they found the “prohibited items” inside your parcels. And, recipent refuse to pay Excise duty and GST applied. Customs will give parcels back to Postal Service and recipeint may pay return shipping cost. This kind of reject will not get any kind of Compensation and or any kind of replacement parcels. And mostly, recipient address will be flagged for next Inbound international shipment.

  • Partialy undelivered, rejected by recipient

This kind of Rejection is very rare. Sometimes it happend when recipients living in Appartment or shipping address to Workplace. Where mostly postman will deliver parcels to Lobby. When the recipients are not in place, or travelling abroad, Lobby will refuse to receive your parcels. It will be attempt of delivery several times by your local postal service. Them it will be marked as “Rejected by recipients”. You still eligible to claim your order to be reship with pay extra handling cost and shipping cost to your new address. We will process your order after it arrived into our warehouse.

  • Rejected for Damaged Parcels

Sometimes postal service handling ignore the warning label attached on the parcels packaging. Or, someone try to steal your parcels contains. If you receive damaged parcels, you may reject it. You should take a photograph for the damaged parcels, and you get letter of rejection from postal office to claim your shipping cost and valued insured goods.